SIBiLS-CovidTriage services

Search on PMC

The triage function is an essential element of the curation system directly integrated into the CovidTriage, but also available through a special API developed on HTTP GET/POST protocols. This service provides a ranked list of PMC documents for a keyword-centric curation request.

The base URL is :



subject parameter is mandatory as it specifies the name of the researched entity.

The following parameters are available :


Regardless of the selected axis, the CovidTriage search is always based on the controlled vocabulary available on github.

If the default axis is not wanted, one or more of the following section can be set (separated by a comma):


The following URL provides a list of publications corresponding to the keyword "ACE inhibitor", ranked for their relevance to the curation of PMC using the Disease and Syndrom.


The output is provided in JSON format :

[ { "abstract":"Chronic cough has been reported to [...].", "title":"Cough variant asthma and atopic cough", "neXtA5Score":359.3, "pubDate":2010, "publicationId":"PMC3463094", "statements":197 }, ... ]

Output fields for each document are :

Getting Help

You can contact us for questions specifically relating to this service.